Interview with SAP’s Jason Rose — VP Marketing BI

SAP´s SAPPHIRE 2012 took place last week in Orlando, and there were three overarching trends which kept cropping up in speeches, interviews, and the blogosphere.

  1. Mobility
  2. The Cloud
  3. Big Data

Jason Rose, VP Marketing Business Intelligence at SAP, weaves all three of these ideas together in an interview with (link)

A few points of note from the interview:

      • SAP views mobility as a key driver to the adoption of BI solutions — solutions which are still underutilized by the vast majority of SAP customers. This will be possible with, for example, improved data visualization tools available on mobile devices. Less tech-savvy sales professionals in the field will have easy-to-use data at their fingertips.
      • With the growth in big data and business analytics, college students should consider pursuing a degree or some certification in statistics. There are simply not enough data analysts in the marketplace.
      • The cloud is on the rise and SAP promises to be a big player with solutions like SuccessFactors. Core, on-premise solutions have not been forgotten altogether, and according to SAP, the future will consist of a dynamic combination of both.

Full interview available here.


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