Networking with Other SAP Professionals

So much of your success as an SAP consultant is not based on your technical or functional know-how. Rather, the road to your next project may be paved by personal connections. If you’re sitting at home or work saying, “Yeah, but how do I meet these people?” We’d like to propose a few locales for you to consider.

  • Your current project: People want to recommend consultants who they have worked with in the past. Even if you’re not the most expert consultant, if you are easy to get along with and produce satisfactory work, other consultants will love to recommend you to their next client.
  • The SAP Community Network: More and more SAP professionals are turning online to build their networks. A good first step to developing your online reputation is to join the SAP Community Network. Complete your profile and post both questions and answers regularly. SAP has a great video for users just getting started. 
  • Recruiters: Recruiters know a lot about local projects which are hiring. They work hard to develop relationships with project managers who may be looking for a consultant just like you!
  • SAP Certification Classes:  You’ll be a in a class with many other students who likely live or work in the same general geographic and professional vicinity as you — you should talk to them.
  • SAPPHIRE: SAPPHIRE is SAP’s annual customer conference. Tens of thousands of people attend, many just to network. If you’re not able to make it to the conference in person, you might want to check out the live videos (starting tomorrow, May 14th) of the speeches and break-out sessions here.
  • ASUG: Join ASUG (Americas’ SAP Users’ Group) and see if there’s a chapter meeting with other SAP professionals in your area.
  • Join, a site for organizing local get-togethers of individuals with a common interest. If an SAP  group doesn’t yet exist in your area, start one!

Please tell us in the comments other avenues you use to network with your fellow SAP professionals.


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