So you want to be an SAP consultant.

Here are some things you should consider: 

No shortcuts: To be a consultant means that you know the product at an expert level, have helped other companies implement the product, and know industry best practices. There is simply no shortcut to getting real-life experience. Training can help you make the most of your on-the-job experiences, but it will never be a substitute.

Take the first step: Work for a company that uses SAP. Get to know the support team and mention that you would like to be considered for a super user role. If the company does not have formal super users, consider asking your manager if you can start to make training documents for current and future teammates. Your work will get you recognized and provide you with great experience too. Another option to get started in SAP is to get hired by a larger consulting company who will train you (i.e. any of “the big four”).

Specialist or generalist: Consider whether you want to be a specialist with in-depth know-how in one SAP module or a generalist with experience in many. Though specialists tend to earn higher rates, they have limited job opportunities compared to a generalist and may have to travel longer distances for engagements.

Focus on skills you already have: Unless you are a new college graduate, you likely have some skills you can bring to an SAP role. Do you have industry experience (i.e. manufacturing,), professional experience (i.e. accounting, HR), or technical skills (i.e. programming)? If so, make these skills known and leverage them as much as possible.

Forget about the money: High hourly rates will come one day. Don’t expect them today, tomorrow, or even a year from now. Take positions that may not offer the best pay but the best experience – they will pay for themselves later. 


3 responses to “So you want to be an SAP consultant.

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