Monthly Archives: April 2012

New Site for SAP Experts:


I came across a very interesting site for SAP consultants this morning: Founded in 2011 by three SAP professionals, the site has about 1,000 members so far. Cool features of include:

  • SAP training materials’ repository: Users can upload, purchase, and sell training materials.
  • Expert profiles: Profiles highlight areas of expertise, dates available for work, and links to each expert’s uploaded materials.
  • Classifieds: Job seekers and recruiters alike can post classifieds for FREE.

Has anyone joined ExpertPlug already? Or would you in the future? 


A Beautiful Description of SAP HANA

The vision, then, is to do for data and knowledge what Moore’s Law has done for computing hardware — that is, quantitative changes become qualitative transformations. Speed opens the door to new possibilities. You start out just crunching numbers but you find your way to “Toy Story.” It’s all just 1’s and 0’s at one level, but ever-faster computing and clever software make possible that new thing — a computer-animated movie, for example.

Steve Lohr of the NY Times Bits blog describes the potential impact of SAP HANA.