Breaking into SAP Consulting

I was wandering around LinkedIn the other day and came across what I think was a valuable discussion on strategies to break into SAP. A man named Robert Wilkins asked, “You can’t get a job working in SAP without prior SAP experience. But you can’t get SAP experience unless you have worked in SAP. Question: what is the best way to break-into SAP development?” One of the responses he received was excellent:

James Morales: Best way to break in with no experience is to become a user of the system and then try to work your way into your IT department. Best way to do this is volunteer for IT projects, shadow SAP resources, ask for tips and tricks, see if maybe you can get access to your sandbox environment where you can play around and learn on your own. When a SAP position opens up, maybe they’ll take a flyer on someone already inside the company vs paying a recruiter and waiting 1-2 months to fill the role.

Most people don’t try this route and try to sell themselves as SAP guys with only a training class under their belt. That won’t work because I can get a offshore guy with 10-15 years of SAP experience who’s cheaper than the person trying to break in. The go go days of SAP are long gone and it’s a mature market for that skillset so breaking in is a lot harder than it used to be.

What were your experiences breaking into SAP? Did you get certified early on? Or move from the business to the IT department? Please share what worked for you and what didn’t in the comments.


One response to “Breaking into SAP Consulting

  1. Here’s a great thread of people telling their stories about how they got started in SAP:

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