Book Recommendation: Process First

I’ve heard a lot of talk lately among SAP functional consultants that they’re being asked to be more than just experts in a specific module in their client’s SAP environment. Clients want consultants that can see the integration of the software’s functionality with business processes and, more specifically, develop ways to improve efficiency. In 2008, “using the collaborative capabilities of a public wiki as the writing platform,” SAP released a book about the growing role of business process experts.

 From Steve Strout, CEO of Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG):
 “Process First demonstrates two important ideas in one compact, easy-to-understand book. First, the book shows the specific actions business process experts take to build better solutions by staying focused on the process not the technology or any other distractions. Second, the book brings to life the power of community. Each chapter combines the thoughts of experts from the BPX community that were polished and refined so the result is better than any one person could create on their own.”
 The book is available on Amazon.

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